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A technologist, with a little over 2 decades (I wrote my first code when I was 10 years old, so I’m counting those years under my belt) of practical hands-on experience on a variety of areas, with a recent focus and interest on data engineering, data management, analytics, data governance, machine learning & IoT. If you’re really interested in finding more about my career history and what I claim to know and be expert at, then my LinkedIn profile is the best place to dig- I’d rather not bore you with such details here.

The true purpose of having this website is frankly not quite crystallized for me yet. But I know that I had to have one where I can share my reviews, thoughts and opinion with the world on different matters. What I have in mind (at the moment) is a mix of podcasts and blogs that are focused on technology, but not necessarily only that- it really could be anything that comes to my mind, so let’s see.

Regardless of what I’ll end up blogging or podcasting about, be confident that it will always be completely true and honest- no BS.